When we started CRAFTkitchen, we knew we wanted to focus on one thing: community. Whether it’s providing a perfect gathering place for community members, making someone’s day a little brighter by providing them a comforting meal or sourcing ingredients from local farms and markets, we work every single day to ensure we’re supporting our community every way we know how. It’s been such a pleasure, then, to see all of the love and support we’ve received from community members and local media. 

These first few months open have been both rewarding and, as is the case with any new business, challenging. Nothing keeps us going, though, like seeing smiling faces of regulars and new diners alike or watching our name pop up in a local article. So, today we wanted to break down some of the great media coverage we’ve gotten as a way to say thank you to all of those writers who took time to dine with us and, most importantly, share their experience with the Las Vegas Valley.

“Perfecting the Craft” by Michael Uzmann (published in Vegas2LA)

This is one of our all-time favorite pieces written about CRAFTkitchen. Uzmann just gets what CRAFT is all about. We love his description of CRAFT as “part passion project” and are humbled by the comparison to one of our downtown favorites, Glutton.

Las Vegas Review Journal

If you’re a Las Vegan, you know there really is one major source of news–the local RJ. We were so excited, then, to see a writeup about CRAFT in the December 9th paper. We love that the writer made a point to call out our mission: “To be here for locals, to be the kind of place where they always feel comfortable…”

“Giving Inspired Eating a Chance” by Aly Wagonseller (published in Zip Code Magazine)

We were named the “Haute Spot” in the Henderson edition of local-favorite Zip Code Magazine. This was such a surprise for us, as we weren’t expecting any coverage from the 89104 magazine at all. We love that, while the piece starts off with an honest and hesitant tone (especially in regards to our slogan: “Local. Inspired. Eats”), our dishes win the writer over by the end.

“Jaret Blinn’s CRAFTkitchen” by Susan Stapleton (published in Eater Las Vegas

Ah, is there any better place to be recognized in the food-world than Eater? We like to think not. And we love that Eater has shown us so much love on everywhere from its website to its social media channels. We’re so thankful to Stapleton and all of the folks at Eater LV for helping to spread the word about what CRAFT is all about. 

That’s today’s round-up. We want to thank every one of the publications and writers who got behind the CRAFTkitchen mission and chose to share their experience with the community. Word of mouth and the written word are the most powerful tools we have to help spread our mission and we could not be more grateful to everyone who has helped us do so.