As a family of chefs, we constantly work to allow our children to be as creative as they want and to pursue whatever interests they may have. One of our children has always shown a huge interest in painting, which we were thrilled about. She’s an absolute natural and it’s been such a pleasure to watch her grow.

We ended up enrolling her in art lessons with the super talented Sarah King, the owner and director of The King Art Studio, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. Our kids are such a big part of CRAFTkitchen, so the idea came to our daughter to paint a few pieces for the walls of CRAFT. With the help and guidance of Sarah, she was able to create four beautiful pieces that are now on display in the dining area of our space.

While the work and the ideas for the pieces come entirely from our daughter, Sarah plays a pivotal role in teaching her important art techniques like value, perspective and proportions. She is so kindhearted and wonderful with her students. It’s amazing to watch Sarah use her experience and seasoned eye to take our daughter’s natural talent to entirely new level (without stifling her creativity or playing too big of a role in the final product).

Sarah really has played such an important role in helping our daughter develop her talent, so we wanted to take a minute to share with you a little bit about The King Art Studio because we truly feel that, for anyone in Las Vegas who’s even remotely interested in the arts or art lessons, there’s no other place like Sarah’s studio in our valley. 

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Sarah moved to Las Vegas on a UNLV scholarship and has since been teaching art for 7-8 years. She drew beginning at age three and always knew it was what she wanted to do—and her passion and experience are both so evident in the way she works with our daughter and other members of the studio. She now mainly paints and specializes in acrylics (and she shows in Laguna CA and soon in Chelsea NY). You can check out her beautiful work here (keep an eye out for “Taj Mahal”—it’s her favorite piece and it’s easy to see why). 

One of the things we love most about Sarah and The King Art Studio is just the level of talent and professionalism she brings to the art scene here in Vegas. Though our city is definitely evolving, we’re definitely in need of some serious arts and culture, and The King Art Studio really helps to fill that need in our community. It’s such an authentic place with a focus on one thing: art. There literally is not another professional art studio in the entire valley, so The King Art Studio fills a serious void. 

We’re so glad we came across Sarah and The King Art Studio when we were searching for a studio for our daughter, and we’re so happy we have the chance to share our experience with you today. You can find The King Art Studio on Facebook and Instagram (Sarah also hosts painting parties that you can find on Facebook or Instagram).