For my family and me, gathering around a hearty meal or delicious dessert has always been such an important part of our lives, so when I chose to open CRAFTkitchen, I knew I wanted it to be a place where people could do one main thing: gather. Today, then, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite gathering areas the space has to offer: our private dining room.

When my wife, Tami, and I were designing this space we both knew we wanted it to offer lots of privacy while still remaining very much a part of the main dining area. We’ve been to some private dining rooms that offer privacy, but that do so by tucking you away in the back of the restaurant where you feel isolated. On the other hand, we’ve been to some that feel like they’re part of the restaurant and offer a great ambiance, but don’t exactly offer the privacy you’re looking for. We think–and hope–we’ve struck a great balance with our PDR design.

We decided to have the private dining area sit parallel to the main dining area with one large glass window that looks out over the dining area–that way, guests don’t feel too isolated or like they’re not experiencing the same ambiance other diners are. But, the room is still closed off (with sometrès chic sliding French glass doors) from the rest of the space, allowing for your private event or dinner to actually feel, well, private

The space will don a large handcrafted (by a local artist we absolutely love) 12’x4’ wood table, playful quotes on the walls and is technologically equipped with all the gear you’d need to host a business meeting or creative collaboration (or simply play a slideshow or video for a family event, like an engagement party or birthday celebration). When it’s not in use, we’ll setup some really fun and creative Mother’s Day and Easter brunch buffets on a credenza in there.  

We’re also big on treating CRAFTkitchen like one (really delicious) playground, so our goal is to always cater to our guests’ needs. So, if you’re wanting your meal family-style in the private dining area, we can do that. Likewise, we can serve hors d’oeuvres, offer wine-and-beer pairings with small plates or serve everyone a la carte. We also love the idea of hosting a kids’ cake decorating class or ladies wine night in the private space. Basically, if you can dream it, we can execute it. If you’re looking to book the space for anything from a collaborative meeting to a birthday party, reach out and we can craft something just for you.